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How to adjust Maku straps
How to adjust Maku straps

What to expect when adjusting Maku straps, as well as simple visual instructions and video instructions.

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It's takes a bit to time the first time to get the ideal fit. But once it's set, it's set. Your Makus will be perfectly customized for your feet.

The straps stretch out a bit over a couple of weeks, so micro-adjusting them during that time is normal. It's usually as simple as sliding the RedLink™ a little tighter.

Quick visual instructions

Full-length videos instructions

How to adjust the straps

Jump to solutions to issues like the heel straps slipping or resetting the straps (if you're played around with them so much that it has become confusing.)

Finally, once you've adjusted the straps, if you believe you have the wrong size Maku or if you're struggling with any issue, please contact us and we'll help out with that.

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