How to address a heel (back) strap sliding down

A common misconception is that tightening the heel strap only, prevents it from sliding down or moves the foot uncomfortably forward.

  • Actually, the heel strap sliding down is usually a result of both the heel strap and the ankle strap not creating a snug loop around the foot. The position of the foot on the sole, and the tightness of the forefoot strap have no effect on that.

  • Solution: Tighten both the heel strap and ankle strap to create a nice snug loop around your foot.

  • Note that the straps will stretch a bit over a couple of weeks, which might cause the straps to slide down. The easiest solution is to wait until they slide down, then simply tighten the RedLink™ a bit. They'll stop sliding down after a short while.

How to reset the position of the straps

If you've played around with them so much that it's become confusing.

Finally, if you're still having issues, please contact us and we'll help out.

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