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Maku sandals
Specs and features
Maku, Black on Black: Specs and features
Maku, Black on Black: Specs and features

Detailed technical specs

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  • Vegan friendly

  • Water-friendly, machine washable, and quick drying

  • 10mm thick sole from heel to toe, zero-drop (barefoot-friendly/minimal)

  • Proprietary sole material developed through 2 years of R&D:
    • Flexible, shock absorbent, lightweight
    • Tuned for ground-feel while eliminating pain from stepping on small objects
    • Industry-setting durability (4-5X Vibram® soles commonly used for similar products. [1] ) No resoling necessary
    • Slip-resistant on wet surfaces
    • Forms to your foot while maintaining 75% of it's original thickness (compared to 40-60% for similar products [2] )

  • Technical thread design for:
    • A balanced grip for most surfaces
    • Displaces large volumes of water on wet surfaces to further improve slip-resistance
    • Lugs are invisible from the side for a sleek silhouette

  • Lightweight: a Black on Black EU41 (US M8.5/W9.5) is around 310 grams (10.9 oz) per pair

  • Straps made from custom technical nautical fiber originally developed for boating ropes:
    • Industry-setting abrasion resistance
    • Impervious to salt-water and sun
    • Look and feel as soft as cotton (but isn't cotton)
    • Do not shrink when wet (you'll have the same fit wet and dry)
    • Compress and flatten against your skin and between your toes for maximum comfort
    • No sharp edges anywhere, no stitching or knots
    • Dirt and stain repellent fibers

  • RedLink™ by Curious Red
    Patent-pending RedLink™ fastening system provides infinite adjustment increments without Velcro®, buckles, knots, or loose slack straps
    • Quickly adjust tension for a looser every-day fit or a tighter performance fit. Simply slide the RedLink™ to control tension without taking your Makus off

  • Continuous straps are infinitely adjustable: Fits each of your forefoot, heel, and ankle for perfectly fitted sandals unique to your foot

  • Straps don't touch the ground and won't break due to specifically designed strap grooves that hug them and lift them off the ground. We've seen zero abrasion in ~3 years of wear (3)

  • Custom-made high-quality footbed:
    • Water-friendly, slip-resistant rubberized fabric footbed
    • Quick drying (minimal water absorption)
    • Odor resistant. All materials used naturally resist growth of bacteria that causes bad odors (Not chemically treated so the effect won't fade)
    • Non-staining
    • Incredibly abrasion resistant

  • Heel guard hugs your heel to keep it clean and protect it (especially if you drive a car in sandals)

  • Toe cup reduces reducing frequency of Makus catching the ground while walking

[1] Based on independent 3rd party testing according to ISO standards, compared to Morflex and Newflex materials respectively.
[2] Based on independent 3rd party testing according to ISO standards, compared to Morflex, EVA, and Phylon materials.
[3] Straps tested in real-world conditions and for extended-wear periods approximating 3 years of normal wear. There was no observable abrasion in the straps as a result.

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