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Free Returns & Exchanges, 1-Year Warranty
Free Returns & Exchanges, 1-Year Warranty
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Curious Red Triple Guarantee

  1. Try Makus in the wild for 30 days. If you're not trilled, we'll take them back for a full refund. Return shipping on us*.

  2. Free exchanges. Return shipping on us*.

  3. 1-Year Warranty: We'll replace your Makus in case of defects in material or craftsmanship.

*Term and conditions

  • Customs fees, duties, and tax are the responsibility of the customer. Message us if this is a concern for you.

  • Our free exchanges policy does not cover ordering multiple sizes or colors with the intention of selecting at least one and returning the rest. In this case, return shipping is not covered and returned Makus need to be unworn.

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